To join SSDC, all members are required to fill out the proper documents and to be an AAU member.  Please fill-out the electronic forms below and complete with an e-signature.

1.  SSDC Club Registration Form and Waiver (FILL OUT BELOW)

2. Emergency Information Form (FILL OUT BELOW)

Important note: The name and email fields of all the electronic forms auto-populate with your name and email when you fill out the signature field.  


Please sign up for AAU Membership online. You may want to print this information first and then follow the directions.  This allows your diver to compete in AAU meets and provides additional, required, insurance for your diver. Cost for membership is $16.00. 
•  Go online to
•  Click the "JOIN AAU NOW" on the medal ribbon
•  Click the "JOIN NOW" - Athlete Category
•  Fill out Athlete information
•  Choose "Youth Program"
•  Membership Term: 1, 2 or 3 years - 
MUST select "Extended Coverage Membership" (1, 2 or 3 years)
•  Under sport: choose DI-Diving
•  Club Code: 
•  Click continue: pay by credit card online
•  You’ll receive a copy of diver’s membership online and via e-mail.
Please email Coach Craig a copy of your AAU membership email (see above).  Please note that your diver will NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE in practice or meets without an AAU Extended Coverage Membership.

Questions? Please email






  • SSDC tuition is based on an average number of days per week diving. A diver is designated certain practice times during the week and will remain on that schedule unless a change is made either by request, or on the recommendation of the coach.


  • It is important to note that divers and parents are committing to a "diving program" and not just paying for practice or an activity. Tuition pays for pool time (practice), a professional coaching staff, conditioning, coaching at local meets* (most clubs charge an additional fee for local meets), TiVo video training, AAU and USA Diving meet expertise and strategy, High School diving strategy and expertise, overall meet tactics and strategy, and membership in the the best diving club on the planet!

  • In addition, all divers must have an AAU membership with Extended Coverage ($16/year), and must purchase a team suit and backpack.


  • PLATINUM – Diver commit to 4-5 Times a week divers, unless there is a holiday - (I will do my best to find a make up)

  • GOLD - Diver commit to 3 days per week, unless there is a holiday - (I will do my best to find a make up).

  • SILVER - Divers commit to 2-days per week unless there is a holiday - (I will do my best to find a make up).

  • BRONZE - Diver practice 1-time per week unless there is a holiday - (I will do my best to find a make up).


  • Just visit the "pay tuition" page each month and click on the pay tuition button for your diver's level.**

  • All PayPal payments will be set up as monthly automatic billing.  You will perform a one-time sign up for automatic billing to your credit card for the first of every month. This will continue until you cancel it or ask for it to be cancelled or suspended.  Please check your credit card statement each month to be sure you are being charged correctly. Contact Craig if you have any questions.

As ALWAYS – if you have any issues with making a payment – please be proactive and call me.  

  – Coach Craig

* Late payments:
If the diving fee is not paid by the 5th of the month there will be a $50 dollar late fee.  If payments are late more than twice in a year, your diver will not be able to dive and may lose his/her spot.  To reinstated a diver, all fees must be paid, including a $100 reinstatement fee, and payment of a month in advance.


There is an Annual Registration Fee that is payable by the first day of practice for new members and by the September 15th for existing members.

This registration fee pays for all Coaches expenses for local meets and travel and coaching time.

The annual registration fee is due by September 15th, each year diving year (September to the end of July) or within 15 days of joining SSDC up until May 1 of the annual year.  For new divers - SSDC with REFUND 50% of the ANNUAL REGISTRATION FEE if a SSDC new diver decides that diving is not for them after the first month of diving.

{The divers parent must let me know verbally, or in writing, by the 20th of the current dive month if their diver doesn't not plan to continue by the 1st of the new month.  If a parent doesn’t let the Head Coach know by the 20th of the current dive month, a parent will need to pay for the next month of diving at their divers current level  Any new diver (first month) that doesn’t plan to continue with SSDC will get 50% of their registration back once requested.)