Competition Guide

The following suggestions are geared to help you through your first few diving meets. These are general rules. Always check with your coach to find out specifically what he or she expects of divers and their parents.

Before you arrive at the meet:

Divers: Be sure that you know what time the coach expects you at the pool.  Give yourself plenty of traveling time so that you arrive at the pool before the scheduled warm-up begins.  It’s always better to be safe than sorry. If the meet is an “away” meet, make sure the coach knows where you are staying so that he or she may get in touch with you if needed. Check with the coach before leaving for the meet to learn if you should sit in the bleachers or report to the deck.  Some teams sit together on the deck, so look for familiar faces.

Parents: Most divers do not need a pep talk from their parents before a meet.  Divers usually get excited about competing, and do not need to get “fired up.”  Let the coach set the mood and tone. If your child seems nervous, help him/her focus on their goals.  Always be positive and supportive with encouragement. Make sure your diver gets a good night’s sleep and a healthy meal prior to the competition.


  • 2 diving suits  (1 for warm-up and 1 for competition)
  • A shammies or chamois towel  (to dry off in between dives)
  • 2 terry towels
  • Team outfit (jacket, sweats, or shirt)
  • Deck Parka
  • Coloring Books, i-tunes, games (for free time between events)
  • Food  (Healthy foods such as fruit, yogurt, granola bars and juice are good choices. Meets can last a long time; make sure your diver has what he/she needs to stay hydrated and keep their energy up.)
  • For spectators: a book or some work from home  (You’ll have some free time in between warm-ups and events.)  Remember, pools are usually warm and humid. Dress with this in mind.


Divers: Check in with the coach so that they know you have arrived.  Follow the coach’s instructions and remember that coaches are generally very busy at meets, but will spend time with each diver when it counts the most - during their warm-up and event. 

Find the registration table.  If you are registered, check in and pick up a diving sheet. (Diving sheets describe what dives the diver will perform and in what order.  They are used by the announcer and the scoring table to record scores.)  If not registered, pay the registration fee, fill out all appropriate entry forms and releases, and pick up a diving sheet. Fill out a diving sheet, turn it in at the appropriate place, usually the registration table (or look for large envelopes hanging on the wall).

 It is important for every diver to know when their event begins, and at what time the coach expects them to be ready to compete.

Once the event begins, the diver should know their order in the event, and always be prepared to dive when their name is called.  Usually, the announcer will call the current diver and the “on-deck” diver (the next diver in the order).

All questions concerning a judge’s call, the conduct of a meet, or the meet results should be directed to the coach.  The coach will pursue the matter through the proper channels.

AAU and USA Diving insurance regulations do not allow parents on the deck unless they are serving in an official capacity. 


Divers: Be available for any award ceremonies, if applicable. Once you have finished competing, check with the coach before leaving (and to find out about the next practice or warm-up times for any upcoming events).

Parents: Tell your diver what a great job they did and how proud you are. Help them relax if they are preparing to dive in a second event.